Everything you need to know about Close Movie 2022.

Close movie 2022
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What’s Story/Plot Of Close (2022)

Thirteen Years old Two Boys named Léo and Rémi has an intense friendship but suddenly it distrusted. They struggling to understand how the friendship distrusted.

The Movie Close (2022) is all about of Friendship and Responsibility.

Watch Official Trailer Of Close Movie (2022)

Take a look at Official Trailer of Close Movie,

Official Trailer

Who stars in Close Movie (2022): Cast List

Take a look at Stars of close movie, here’s is list.

Eden Dambrine

Igor Van Dessel

Émilie Dequenne

Léa Drucker

Close Movie (2022) Release Date: When is the film coming out?

The film Close 2022 is turning out as Limited series in 2022 on Thursday, November 1, 2022.

The Ambush is also coming out on Same Day I.e November 1.

Production/Crew Team

The Movie Close (2022) is directed by Lukas Dhont.


Lukas Dhont


Lukas Dhont

Angelo Tijssens




Michiel Dhont

Dirk Impens

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