Who’s Involved:

Kal Penn, Elizabeth Mitchell, Jason Winer, Tim Allen, Rupali Redd, Jack Burditt, and Jon Radler, Elizabeth Allen-Dick, Austin Kane, Devin Bright.

Release Date:

Wednesday, November 16, 2022 (Disney+)



The Santa Clauses (Disney+ Series) Movie Plot

Scott Calvin Is Nearly His 65th Birthday, So He Is Realizing That He Will Be No Santa For All Time.

So He And His Family Where Going To South Pole An Adventure Life To Find A New Suitable Santa.






The Santa Clauses (Disney+ Series) Movie Crew List

Director Jason Winer
Producer’s Jack Burditt
J.P. Wakayama
Company Disney+

The Santa Clauses (Disney+ Series) Movie Official Trailer

Official Trailer

The Santa Clauses (Disney+ Series) Movie Release Date

The Santa Clauses will send off overall on Disney In addition to on Wednesday November 16.

The Santa Clauses (Disney+ Series) Movie Cast

Tim Allen
Elizabeth Mitchell
Kal Penn
Elizabeth Allen-Dick
Austin Kane
Rupali Redd
Devin Bright
Official Cast Of The Santa Clauses (Disney+ Series) Movie

Elizabeth Mitchell as Mrs Claus

Elizabeth Mitchell assumed the part of Tune/Mrs Claus in the film continuations The St Nick 2 and The Santa 3: The Break Claus. She’s likewise featured in the hit television series Lost, trama center, V, Some time ago, External Banks and First Kill.

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